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The world is becoming more connected than ever before. It’s now a global marketplace where you can show and advertise your products to the world, without even leaving the corners of your room.

This era has brought a lot of changes, and one of it is eCommerce websites. These websites allow people to purchase your goods from anywhere in the world. Websites like Shopify are giving people the opportunity to break beyond the conventional sales method, in order to take advantage of the new technological trends in eCommerce.

Shopify Experts Tips:

However, there’s more to just building an eCommerce platform on Shopify; you need to give it an outlook that’ll stand out from the rest. So, let’s see the different tips and advice from Shopify experts tips in designing your eCommerce store.

  1. Keep it simple. Most people are tempted to overload their website with lots of information and offers. Such actions might discourage and confuse prospective buyers. Design your store in such a way that buyers will understand what yor are all about. Figure out your top products and place them in a prominent place in the homepage.
  2. Let people recognize what’s you stand for. Identity is important in eCommerce stores. A fashion store should have a stylish and trendy design, while children’s eCommerce store should feature warm colors and swirly patterns. Let people know what you are all about right from the homepage. Freelance shopify experts Tips to give your store that identity.
  3. Understand your audience. Ensure that your Web designer knows the demographic that you’re targeting. Remember to get seasoned shopify experts Tips that’ll give your brand the needed makeover.
  4. Provide in-depth analysis of each product on your store. Not everyone knows what each product stands for. It’s the job of your shopify freelance Web developers to add a little information box beside each product.
  5. Be consistent: ensure that your shopper’s experience through the purchase process is in tally with your brand messaging.
  6. Make it easy. Look up on the latest and UX practices, and implement them in your store.
  7. Create a WOW effect. The expectations of customers have changed when they visit an eCommerce store. They expect to be dazzled, and swept off their feet.
  8. Create an amazing content. Yes, every product has a story but no one wants to be bogged down by excessive content. Keep it amazing and straight to the point. You can hire shopify experts for this.
  9. Get a Shopify or Web designer to create a wonderful theme. Yes, shopify has amazing themes, but it might contain all you desire. The job of the shopify expert is to create a theme that will suit your business 100 percent.
  10. Create your own logo: Although Shopify has a free logo generator, it’s best to create yours with Adobe illustrator. There are lots of simple tutorials on YouTube and Google.
  11. Create a perfect blend of commerce and content. Both new and old customers expect to see if your brand story aligns with their own beliefs and values.
  12. Embed deeper navigation functions in your store. Returning customers are already familiar with what you have to offer. It’s your duty to make sure that there’s less friction from product search to check-out.
  13. Your homepage should be uncluttered. Some major eCommerce stores like Apple, are one of the best examples in this area.
  14. Use high-quality photographs for your products. There’s nothing that draws attention than clarity and quality. Make sure that your photographs are of high resolution.
  15. Add your popular products to the homepage. Input a dashboard where customers can your best products at a glance.

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